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Whatsapp Updated to Material Design.

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Whatsapp Background

Whatsapp finally updated to Material Design and it now looks whole lot better than the last version.

WhatsApp version 2.12.38 now features a deep green title bar that blends into the three tabs for calls, chats and contacts. You’ll notice new buttons in the chat window to record voice messages, as well as in the attachment option pop-up.

Whatsapp updated to Material Design

Chat and share location WhatsApp for Android gets a much needed Material Design makeover, bringing cleaner layouts and new icons
The media selection screen for sharing photos and video, as well as the Settings menu now look clean and bright.

Whatsapp updated to Material Design

Group chat info and profiles now look a lot nicer, with a clean layout and a large cover image that shrinks to a titlebar with the dominant color from said image.

Profile and image sharing WhatsApp for Android gets a much needed Material Design makeover, bringing cleaner layouts and new icons

Still, the improved layouts and neater iconography are a breath of fresh air. If you want to see what the Material Design update looks like right now, grab the latest version from WhatsApp’s site.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Everything you need to know about Galaxy S6.

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Galaxy S6

Taking a look back at seven days of news across the Android world, this week’s Android Circuit highlights a number of stories including the pre-orders for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, reviewing the reviews of the Galaxy S6, the dangerous S6 Active, reviewing the HTC One M9, profiling Cyanogen, Android winning the UI battle against Apple, unboxing the Nokia N1 tablet, and every iPhone Killer which failed.

The people who said Samsung had lost its mojo were wrong.


SGS6 Glassy body

For years we’ve been complaining about Samsung’s plastic phones. The Galaxy S5 and its predecessors, all the way back to the Galaxy S in 2010, were plastic. In the old days it was fine, but we got tired of paying £500 for phones that felt, well, cheap.

All that has changed. There is practically no plastic on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Its front and back are super-tough Gorilla Glass 4, its sides aluminium.

The Sony Xperia Z3 has a similar glass ’n’ metal style, but the Galaxy S6’s curves are softer and the handset itself less wide. There’s a hint of boxiness to it, but at just 6.8mm thick it’s not going to be too much of a handful for most adults out there.

It feels great. And switching between it and the Note 4 just proves that Samsung should really have given up on its dream of leather effect plastic phones a lot earlier.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Memory

The Samsung Galaxy S6 feels more high-end, more expensive than any phone Samsung made last year. It’s a unibody mobile too, meaning you can’t rip off the back panel to get hold of the battery.

We’re fine with that, but Samsung has also removed the memory card slot. It has presumably noticed that Apple makes more than a few quid upselling people to 128GB iPhones and want a piece of the action. Why would you otherwise when a 64GB microSD card cost about £20 these days?

Some people are sure to be annoyed, but then plenty will be happy with the entry-level 32GB Galaxy S6 anyway. On contract, the upgrade to the 64GB model will cost you an extra £5 a month, and there’s even a 128GB model out there for those happy to spend a small fortune on a phone. It’s set to cost around £800.

It’s disappointing when this is so clearly a money-making exercise. But other than that, the Samsung Galaxy S6 hardware is excellent. As usual, it’s jam-packed with features including an IR transmitter, NFC, apt-X support and Wi-Fi ac. There’s even a barometer inside.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Power button

Not everyone cares about these extras, but the basics are good too. The power button sits right under your thumb, and, finally, Samsung has aced its fingerprint scanner hardware.

As with the Samsung Galaxy S5, it sits under the main Home button. But now, instead of having to swipe a finger across it, you just place a finger on it, just like the iPhone 6 Touch ID sensor. It works just as well, too, if perhaps a fraction of a second slower.

It’s miles better than the scanner on the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5, either way. If it doesn’t work, it’s invariably your fault.


SGS6 Oled Display

There’s also a big shift in screen tech. As with the LG G3, the Samsung Galaxy S6 makes the leap up to QHD screen resolution. Stretched across 5.1 inches that gets you pixel density of 577ppi. Pretty amazing, right?

Unless your eyes are far, far better than ours, it’s physically impossible to discern the pixels. Think you can? You’re probably an eagle.

Funnily enough, though, the screen isn’t actually one of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s most obvious improvements. But only because the Samsung Galaxy S5 already has a corker of a display.

Both use Super AMOLED screens getting you flawless contrast and deep blacks regardless of whether you’re outside or frantically sending a text in the cinema before the trailers start. It’s the sort of screen that makes you wonder: where do we go from here? Well, there are still reflections and we bet there are a few more curved screens like the S6 Edge’s and LG G Flex 2’s somewhere on the horizon. But this is quite the achievement already.

You can also choose whether to have your colours super-vivid or more accurate and natural. This is nothing new, being a Samsung staple, but is still a great feature anyway.


SGS6 Lolipop

At first the software seems familiar too, but there’s plenty of new stuff as well. The Galaxy S6 runs Android 5.0 and has the latest version of Samsung’s custom UI.

What’s new? Well much like vanilla Android 5.0, everything moves a little differently. There’s a parallax effect for the wallpapers when you tilt the phone and all the animations have a bit more inertia to them.

It makes the Samsung Galaxy S6 feel a bit more organic, and in comparison older phones such as the Galaxy Note 4 seem a bit stiff and business-like. It’s a good change.

Just like the HTC One M9, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has also adopted themes. These change things such as the icons, wallpapers, widgets and system font. It’s a full facelift.

However, right now we don’t think the themes available are much cop. There’s a bunch you can download online, but none of them are remotely subtle enough. The Samsung Galaxy S6 could really take a few pointers from the HTC One M9 here, which can automatically create a theme around any picture you choose.

Other than that, though, the software is pretty solid. The Samsung TouchWiz lag of old seems to have pretty much disappeared, making the Galaxy S6 a joy to use. There were a couple of moments where the phone outright paused for a few seconds, but this seems like an early-software glitch rather than a standard performance problem.


SGS6 Settings Screen

The sheer processor power can’t hurt, either. As of March 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has the most powerful phone processor we’ve tried. Samsung has broken away from the pack this year, using its own Exynos 7420 CPU rather than a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip like the HTC One M9’s.

We had heard that the top dog Snapdragon 810 CPU’s being prone to overheating was the reason, but the Exynos also seems to be a good deal more powerful. This isn’t the sort of thing you’re going to notice every day, but Samsung has really done amazing work here.

Our Geekbench 3 scores suggest the Galaxy S6 is a massive 20% more powerful than rival flagships such as the HTC One M9. It scores upwards of 5200 points, where you’ll top out at about 4400 points from a Snapdragon 810 CPU - at least from our testing so far. This is incredible power, outdoing some laptops.

We’re also pretty impressed with how hot it gets. Or to be more precise, how hot it doesn’t get. Sure, it gets a bit warm when put under pressure for a while, but nothing like what some people experience with the Sony Xperia Z3, another metal and glass phone. It seems to get warmest when charging, which Samsung has turbo-charged for 2015.

How does it keep its cool? I have to get a little bit geeky to explain it. The Galaxy S6’s Exynos 7420 CPU has transistors that are 14nm across, while the rival Snapdragon uses a 20nm process. Smaller transistors are the grey matter cells of a CPU, and smaller ones mean greater efficiency, and less energy wasted as heat.

We’re not quite sure how Samsung has soldiered so far ahead, but it really seems to have done so - and it could prove a huge advantage through this phone generation.


SGS6 Heart rate monitor

This super-advanced processor also works wonders on battery life. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a 2,550mAh battery, which really isn’t that large for a phone with a QHD 5.1-inch screen. However, stamina is pretty fantastic regardless.

We got 14 hours of video off a charge and the phone should last a good day and a half without much effort. It seems to last a shade longer than the S6 Edge even, despite having a slightly smaller battery. We’d have loved to see a Samsung Galaxy S6 with the same advanced CPU and a 3000mAh battery as the Edge, but perhaps Samsung decided that would be overkill.

Samsung has amped-up the charger too, though, getting you a faster recharge than the Galaxy S5. It’s now insanely fast, getting to 70 per cent in about 30 minutes. Earlier we said the S6 gets hottest when charging. This is why.


SGS6 Camera

Efficiency is the name of the game with the camera, too. Where HTC has bumped-up the One M9’s camera resolution to a whopping 20 megapixels, the S6 sticks with 16 - the same as the Note 4.

But it’s a fantastic camera, with an improvement far greater than those conservative-sounding numbers might suggest. The sensor hasn’t had an upgrade it seems, and it has OIS just like the latest Note, but the lens is all-new.

And it’s a super-fast f/1.9 lens. Plenty of phones have lenses around the f/2.0 mark (the smaller the number, the faster the lens), but the recent Note 4 is slower, with f/2.2 aperture. Its no great surprise, then, that the low-light performance of the Galaxy S6 is way better. Night shots are far clearer and brighter, while your average indoors shot will be that much less noisy and better-defined.

Add in the great detail you get with a 16-megapixel sensor in good lighting and great dynamic range and you have a true photographic winner. Samsung has become an archduke of HDR photos in recent years, and it offers an extra option in the Galaxy S6. As well as turning HDR on and off, you can set it to ‘Auto’.

What this does is to get you a dynamic range boost where needed, but not to the same extent as a full HDR shot.

The Samsung Galaxy S6’s camera performance is so darn good that you can use HDR all the time if you like. It shoots them at the sort of speed most good phones shoot normal photos at, while without HDR engaged you can shoot almost as fast as your finger can tap. This is in good lighting: things slow down a little at night, but not all that much. It’s way faster than the Galaxy S5 in any conditions.

That faster sensor allows you to get great natural arty effects too, with a fairly shallow depth of field blurring out the background nicely when shooting close-up subjects. You just don’t get this with a lesser phone camera.

We even like the camera app well enough too. It puts the HDR switch by your left thumb (our most-used button) along with a couple of other essentials, while the shutter and mode selection is on the right side. It’s fairly plain-looking, just as it should be.

New for this year, you also get a Pro mode. This lets you manually select focus, ISO and a few other things. It’s perfect for getting those ultra close-up macro shots without fighting with the autofocus (which is pretty good itself).

Is this the camera that has it all? We think so. It may not have the largest camera sensor around — it’s not a Nokia Lumia 1020 — but high-quality components work together with smart software and a super-fast camera processor to make something that is incredibly fun and quick to use. This is one of the best phone cameras, ever. And it’s a lot more reliable than the HTC One M9’s.

The selfie cam isn’t too bad either. It has a 5-megapixel sensor, which is rapidly becoming the norm. It’s pretty good at managing brightness so that your shots don’t look too dull indoors. However, detail does take a dive in lower lighting. For selfies, the HTC One M9’s UltraPixel camera is better.


SGS6 Bottom

Does HTC still have the speaker victory too? Well, we’re actually surprised at how much effort Samsung has put into its Galaxy S6’s internal speaker this year.

After putting fairly piddly little speakers on the bottom of its phones for ages, Samsung has moved the Galaxy S6’s speaker down to the bottom edge, and put it on steroids. It’s loud and it has a far meatier sound than previous Galaxy phones.

There’s much more mid-range warmth, and even a bit of bassy thwack too. Up against the HTC One M9, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is actually a fair bit louder, but HTC still has the edge for sound quality. It’s a bit more refined, where the S6’s driver sounds like it’s really being pushed to its limits. The BoomSound brothers (HTC’s speakers) still rule, but Samsung has made up a lot of ground here.


SGS6 Cactus shot

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a king among phones. Far from being a desperate attempt to get us all to hand over £500 or more yet again, it’s a smart upgrade that fixes not just things that were amiss in the Galaxy S5, but things that have plagued Samsung phones for years.

It’s a new era for Samsung phones. We just wish it wasn’t starting without a microSD slot, because serious media fans will have to fork out £800 for the big daddy 128GB version.

That’s bound to put off a certain section of phone buyers, and for handling, ergonomics and speaker quality, the HTC One M9 still wins, but only just.

And in the more important areas of camera performance, screen tech and raw power, the Galaxy S6 tramples its rival. If you’re feeling really flush and want to show off, the S6 Edge is that bit snazzier, but otherwise the ‘flat’ Galaxy S6 is the best phone in the world right now - and it’s hard to imagine a rival matching it any time soon.

Friday, 13 February 2015

[ How-To ] Get Whatsapp Call

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Whatsapp Cover

Whatsapp introduced  "Whatsapp Call" some days before but it is invite based. The Whatsapp Call provides you free calls via Internet ( Only WA 2 WA ) .

Here's how to get Whatsapp Call Feature :-

There are two Methods to get it :- 

For non-Rooted users : -

#1. Download the latest App Package ( APK ) from HERE . It's Version 2.11.522.
#2. Take a Backup of Current Conversations .

Here's how to backup :-

Backup Whatsapp Conversation

#3. Uninstall Current version and Install the Downloaded version 2.11.522 from step #1.
#4. Run it and Mail us for a free invite on superdevsteam@gmail.com

Note : Currently we're running out of Invites so we'd not be able to send you an Invite but just mail us your contact , we'll add you to our list. :)

The Invite is totally free .

Note : The Person who already have Whatsapp Call can get you an Invite by simply Calling you . 
           and if you wanna simply provide someone Whatsapp call then you have to call him.

Here's what Whatsapp will turn to , once you got an Invite .

Whatsapp Invite Homescreen

As you can see above screenshots , You'll get three Tabs 

#1. Calls : Logs of Whatsapp Call.
#2. Chats : Logs of Recent Chat ( You already know that ).
#3. Contacts : List of Contacts .

Whatsapp call Clear Logs

For Rooted users :- 

#1. Download the latest App Package ( APK ) from HERE . It's Version 2.11.522.
#2. Take a Backup of Current Conversations .

Here's how to backup :-

Whatsapp Backup

#3. Uninstall Current version and Install the Downloaded version 2.11.522 from step #1.
#4. Force stop the app and untick the "Show notification" option from App manager.
#5. Use any root browser and navigate to Root >Data > again Data > com.whatsapp > shared_prefs > com.whatsapp_preferences.xml .

Note : We're gonna edit the file so better take a backup of that file in any of the storages for safe side.

#5. Open the file in editing mode  and search for all these lines if they are not present then add them.

<boolean name="call" value="true" />
<boolean name="show_all_contacts" value="true" />
<string name="call_allowed">all</string> 

#6. Now you'll get those three tabs but still you can't call anybody . To call anybody you need to activate it.
#7. To activate it send us your Name and phone number @  superdevsteam@gmail.com

Note : Currently we're running out of Invites so we'd not be able to send you an Invite but just mail us your contact , we'll add you to our list. :)

Observations :-

#1. Invite System :  The Whatsapp Call invite sytem is quite simple , if you want an Invite then tell someone who have Whatsapp Call enabled , call you . If you wanna send someone invite then just call the guy. You can't send an invite if other party doesn't have version 2.11.522.

#2. The App Version : The app version is Important in all this process . You must have version 2.11.522. If you or someone you are calling doesn't have the same version then call will not be placed i.e You can call only those who have this version.

#3. New icon-click-UI : In previous versions , if we click the profile image from Whatsapp Recent Chat list then it takes us to the Chat-UI .. but now we get a new UI , have a look at this and observe the things marked with RED rectangle 

Whatsapp Call UI

The first screenshot shows a Contact and a Group , other two screenshot shows the new UI implemented for onClick of the chat image. New UI consist of three options at bottom Message option ( Takes you to chat activity ) , Call option ( Place a direct Call ) and Profile option ( Takes you to status page ) and for a Group we get a UI with two options Message and Group Info.

#4. Clear Call Logs : Unlike chats , unfortunately there's no long click to remove option to clear a particular Whatsapp Call log . If you wanna clear a Particular call log then simple click Clock icon > Delete icon and to clear all  : Menu > Clear Call log

#5. Call History: There's a a Clock symbol located at right of any recent call contact name to check history of calls.

#6. No Call Menu : According to our observations if you don't Re-Install the entire app you might not get the new tabs ( Calls, Chats , Contacts ) . 

#7. Simple Call UI : The calling UI is quite simple it is having three buttons (Loud Speaker , Message and Mute ).

#8. Root users : Till now it is observed that root users are getting Whatsapp call quickly and others are not getting it even on a call activation , so think about it ..

Friday, 23 January 2015

Un-Block your Whatsapp Account

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Whatsapp Cover

WhatsApp is cracking down on third-party app WhatsApp Plus, and punishing users who downloaded it but this is not a right way Whatsapp  this way you'll surely loose users .

On 21'st jan 2015 Whatsapp blocked all users who were using third-party app Whatsapp plus
and blocked people will not be able to use Whatsapp for 24 hours .

"The developers of WhatsApp Plus have no relationship to WhatsApp, and we do not support WhatsApp Plus," WhatsApp said on its FAQ page.

"We have received a cease-and-desist letter from WhatsApp and we are obligated to remove all download links," WhatsApp Plus creator Mounib Al Rifai wrote in a Google+ post.

"Am really sorry for this but it's out of our hands and WhatsApp has pushed us into a corner that we can't escape this time," he added.

But we tried to find out a way you can bypass this "Temporarily Blocked " Screen  , and we succeeded :) .

Whatsapp Temporarily banned

Normally people get 24 hour warning from Whatsapp but if you try to use Whatsapp plus again after that 24 hour warning period , you'll be getting a ban of 72 hours ( Each time +48 hours ) .. and in same manner it increases untill you use official Whatsapp on your account after that warning period.

What methods we tried : 

#1.  Changing the System date and time :

If you turn off the Data connection , Remove Whatsapp from "Recent apps menu" and change the date from lets say 24-01-2015 to 28-01-2015 and re-launch the Whatsapp application then you'll get to know that the timer has finished and you'll see the screen like below.
Whatsapp banned hacked

But the moment you turn on your data connection , you'll see the timer again and we don't wan't that.

#2 Increasing the timer speed:  

If you're a Rooted user and play/hack games then you might be knowing about GameCIH  , GameCIH is an app to change values in games , change speed of the game . so we tried to speedup the timer by the useful feature of GameCIH and tried to speedup the timer , but unfortunately it didn't worked :( .

#3 Changing the signature of Whatsapp plus APK:

Here we tried to copy signatures from original Whatsapp application to Whatsapp plus application and the APK worked but block from our account was not removed ( obviously you can't remove that block from an application , it's server based )  so we tried another account to test if Whatsapp blocks this new account , used from Whatsapp plus and guess what happened ? .... Ya it's blocked for 24 hours .
#4 Create new account :

Creating a new account with new number is ok but you'll not be getting the chats back ( even if you restore using restore option ). But here we used a feature of Whatsapp to beat this " Temporarily  Blocked " thing. and the feature is "Change Number" and ya this time it worked.

Here are the steps to Un-block your number :

#Things you'll need : 

1. A blocked Whatsapp number .
2. A fresh non-Whatsapp number.
3. A fast 3G connection.
4. Speed of work ( Important )
5. A dual sim smartphone.

Step 1 :  Insert Blocked ( Sim1 ) and fresh ( Sim 2 ) in the Smartphone and make sure you have either 3G or WiFi connection with better speed.

Step 2 : Uninstall Whatsapp plus  , reinstall it ( better you keep APK of both original and Whatsapp plus with you ) , Register the Fresh ( Sim2 ) number for a Whatsapp account if you get a Restore Backup Screen the just click "Restore" ( No matter the backup restores or not , Don't worry if it says backup not restored or something like that ) . Wait till Initialization finishes and click "Continue" .

Whatsapp Initialization

Step 3 : Go to Menu > Account > Change Number > Click Next .

Here comes the tricky part , You have to be very fast in doing all these steps.

Whatsapp Change number

Type the New number in "Old Phone Number" field and the Blocked Whatsapp number in "New Phone Number" field and click Done.

Once you click Done you'll be getting a screen with a loading logo and Connecting.. text .
Once the connecting screen disappears immediately turn off the data connection using notification panel.

Once you've done this , Now you're having a working account on your Blocked number but if you turn On the Data connection , you'll be facing the Timer again . So , Here are the things you can do to get your account working.

#1 :  Delete your Account and Re-create :  Deleting your blocked-number account will Remove your Database from their server and when you re-create on the same number you'll not be facing any Timer. But the worst thing is

# You'll be removed from all groups ,
# You'll be loosing all your conversations.
# You'll have to start just like a new Whatsapp user.

#2 : Change the number again : Now this is the best option to Transfer the Temporarily Blocked  status to another un-used account and get your account clean and Un-blocked.

Now what you have to do is Repeat the Step #3 and at last point swap those two numbers i.e Type the New number in "New Phone Number" field and the Blocked Whatsapp number in "Old Phone Number" field and click Done. and wait till it completes . Once it's done you'll have to Uninstall Whatsapp and Re-install it and create an account with the blocked number. ( Now you can restore chats also ).

# Benefit of this method is you'll not loose your chats .
# But all groups will not be having you . ( Blocked number is added to group and blocked numbers are hidden from all )
# You'll have to tell all group admins to add you once again.

The above is Permanent Fix to this Temporarily Blocked issue till now and might be forever , just because the Whatsapp plus creator  have no choice now .

Better to use Hike than Whatsapp .. If you want to use Whatsapp plus then just move to hike and Whatsapp will get to know that we'll not return untill they allow Whatsapp plus .

Friday, 5 December 2014

[How-To] Solve Android Lolipop 5.0 Battery Drain Problem.

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Android Lollipop Cover

People are Facing a Problem Battery drainage problem on newly introduced major update on Android , Android Lolipop 5.0 . Some assumed it's a bug , but no , It's not a bug ..

Here's what you have to do to prevent this Extreme battery Drainage on Android 5.0 , Lolipop .

Reason , why you're facing such problem and your friends not ?

Our analysis shows that People facing the problem were those who got the Lolipop update from their Device manufacturer .

Actually the reason is the Zip file update you've flashed through either Recovery mode or by Update mode  on your device .

The Zip file contains only system required files like framework and updated apps that are having a lolipop flavour and not the Libraries . Yes , you may cross check your Update.zip file , It doesn't contains any updated libraries except Camera and some basic libraries for graphics and performance.

It doesn't contains Battery libraries that are needed for lolipop , Manufacturers found that existing Kitkat Battery libraries are working with the Android 5.0 , Lolipop so they continued it .

Steps to be followed :

To prevent this disaster most of people used external battery management apps , but that's not a good choise . These External battery management apps runs in background and kills all of your background processes , and that might not be good for you if you';re a multi-tasker :) .

So , What should you do to tackle with this serious  problem ? and get a battery performance from 

Lollipop Battery drain problem

Limit the background processes : - 

Limiting the background processes is a good option if you don't do much multitasking .

Here are the steps to limit the background processes ....

Go to Settings > Developer options ( just above the About phone option ) Scroll down and select Background process limit > select At most 2 Processes

It's done ... now the final step .. Reboot your device and enjoy ! ..

Note : - If you don't see any option saying Developer Options in Settings Menu . Then you might not have enabled it .. follow the steps to enable it .

Go to Settings > About phone > Hit the Build number 7 times .

Screenshots :- 

Activate Developer options in lollipop

Background process limit in Android lollipop

After 2 days ... 

Still you're having a problem ?

Follow these steps : 

#1.  Re-flash your Android 5.0 Lolipop with that Update.zip file : Yes , Re-flashing your device with that zip update may work if you Factory reset your device before that update .

#2. Re-flash your Android 5.0 Lolipop with that Factory Image : again Yes , Re-flashing with Factory Image will work best comparing above listed  mehtods .

Q. Where i'd be getting a Factory image for my device ?
Ans : We'd be saying Just Google it .

Note : 

#1. If you've not tried flashing Factory Images then better not to try it , if you're not in warranty period. 

#2. Backup all your contacts to External Storage or Sync them on your Email ID .

Saturday, 29 November 2014

[ How-To ] Suggest your Facebook Friends to themselves and get rid of the prank.

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Facebook like cover

Suggest your Facebook friends to themselves and shock them .

It's the latest prank developed by Dinesh bhosale .
In this prank you download and Install a Chrome Browser Extention called Facebook Social Toolkit
to amaze your friends with their own request in their account's request section .

Facebook friend request to self

So , how to do this prank on your friends .. ? 

Follow the steps given on the official blog here

Everybody was interested in using the trick and they were using the prank on their friends . But we actually were interested in getting rid of this prank .

Actually if someone from your friend list try this prank then you'll get a friend request from your own ID.The main problem of this prank is .. the request rests there forever .. it means you'll not be able to either Delete or Accept your friend request .

So .. here we came up with

How to get rid of this sh*tty friend request ?

After some experiments we found out the way you can remove it permanently .

So ..  How to remove it Permanently ? 

The thing which is to be observed is that :
1. It can't be Deleted .
2. It can't be Accepted .
3. Swype to remove is not there in Facebook app .. so don't try it  :P

Steps to be followed : 

1. Login to your Facebook account using PC .
2. Go to the Requests section at top bar .
3. Select Ignore button .
confirm or ignore

You're done ... the Section will be Yellow in color and will show you Friend Suggestion Ignored . Just like the image below .

Friend Suggestion Ignored

Now you can cross check with Facebook app on your Smartphones .

Facebook app no requests

1st Screenshot is of the time when i received ,
2nd is of the time when i updated Facebook app to check if it removes automatically after update .. but no luck ... and
3rd one is of the time when i followed the steps mentioned above .

Creating a problem is not important ... Important is to find a solution ..  :)  

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nokia is Finnish not Finish . N1 Tablets are here .

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Nokia is not Finish Company ..  it's Finnish .

Nokia N1

Nokia once again proved itself. 

Nokia Today itself  published a video revealing Nokia N1 Android L ( Android 5.0 ) powered Tablet . What ? an Android Tablet from Nokia ? .. Yes  .. You heard correctly .. an Android powered Tablet from Nokia named Nokia N1.

Soft Specs : 

#1 Nokia Z launcher ( the best i found in Market .. even better than Google Experience Launcher )
#2 Android L ( 5.0 Lolipop )

Hardware Specs :

7.9-inch screen
#2 64-bit 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Z3580 CPU
#3 2048 x 1536 resolution
#4 2 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory
#5 8 MP camera at the back and 5 MP shooter at the front
#6 Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
#7 MIMO stereo speakers
#8 5,300 mAh battery
#9 Micro-USB 2.0 Type C connector. Yes it's Type C .. The Newest Technology , a reversible USB .

And the best part ... Price is $249 / 15000 INR only ... i'm amazed ...

Have a Look at the official Video : 

Saturday, 8 November 2014

How to download any paid app from Google Play Store for free.

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There are several apps in the market that gives you free APK of the original paid App/Game but they are not 100% secure . They use to bundle up the Apk with the promotional APKs ( Apps/Game files ) and promote other apps .. They even edit the APKs and try to hack your Phone.

The best way to get the App from Google Play itself . No Hacks , No spam , No bundles , No ads .

Things you need : 

#1. An Internet plan with Good Speed ( Wi-Fi also works good ).
#2. Of course an Android Phone. :P
#3. A credit/Debit card ( with balance :P ).

Steps to be followed  ( Prerequisite )

#1. Go to Google Play ( Play Store ) on your Android device .
#2. Search for X-plore file manager ( It's my favourite ) and Download it , it's free :)  ( Direct link here )
#3. Open the X-plore file manager when downloaded  and select the Show button in the left panel .
#4. Tick on App manager .
#5. You are done ... with prerequisite.

Now move to Next steps to Download any Paid app for free . 

Note: First read all the steps and then only follow steps .

#1. Search for the app in play store you want to download and it's paid.
#2. Download the App followed by filling up the Credit/Debit card details.
#3. When the app is downloaded instantly go to the X-plore file manager and in the left panel select App manager .
#4. long press the app you've downloaded just now . and select Copy .
#5. Go to the Google Play and go to the app again and select the refund option .
#6. Agree the terms and conditions ... you'll be paid full amount you paid for the app.

Note : 
#1. your internet speed should be faster .
#2. Do all the steps as faster as possible because Google refund policy is for a limited time after you download the app Approx 15-20 minutes .

Screenshots that will help you :

There are others methods also . But we'll not promote them as they are related to other unofficial websites.

Get rid of WhatsApp Blue Tick :) [UPDATED]

Some days ago , WhatsApp Team added some new features to WhatsApp for Android , iOS , Windows , Blackberry etc. The Blue Tick  was one of them  , The blue tick indicates you the recipient have read the message you sent. We ( The SuperDevs Team ) have found a simple way to read out the message without knowing the sender .

Here comes the Methods . There are two temperory methods and a permanent solution . 

Temperory Methods :

Method #1 : 

Note: Don't open the new message that has arrived just now ... just follow the steps given ahead. 

#Steps to be followed to get the trick work  :

#1.  Long press : Long press the conversation screen and select Email Conversation.
#2. Slection :  Select the option which fits best to you . ( We prefer the Without Media option , Because it's fast ).
#3. Mailing Client : Select a Mailing client if it prompts ( We prefer Gmail) .
#4. Mail to Me : In the To section just type   " me " ( Without the quotes ) .
#5. Read : Read the conversation inside the mail . ( That's a Duplicate copy of the message )
#6. Delete : Delete the conversation from the WhatsApp application on your phone.

Mine is WhatsApp plus ... so don't worry .. the trick works on WhatsApp also ...

 FAQs. for Method 1.

Q1. What if someone sent me a Image,Voice note , Video instead of a Text ?
Ans: Simply select the Attach Media option in the step #2.

Q2. What if i have any other question not describe here ?
Ans: Simply Email me your question at imhncvj@gmail.com.

Method #2 : 

Method 2 is a simple and temperory solution to WhatsApp blue tick problem .
You just have to add a Widget of WhatsApp on your home screen and there you go . You can read all incoming messages right there on your home screen with the widget without knowing the sender .

Note : You don't have to click any of the messages on widget , if you do so , then the sender will get bluetick . Instead you go to the App and delete the conversation after reading the message from the widget .

A huge Demerit of Method 2 is , it takes away your privacy .

Permanent Solution to Disable WhatsApp Blue Ticks :

Method #3 :

Use WhatsApp+ : Yes , Using a custom developed version of WhatsApp by my friend  rafalense can help you out .. 

WhatsApp+ is a modified version of WhatsApp Application which allows you to apply themes , customize appearence and a ton of features to make your experience better . The above screenshots in Method 1 are of WhatsApp+ only.
Recently a new update came for WhatsApp+ in which he(Refalense) have added features to Hide Blue Ticks .

This method is permanent solution to disable Blue Ticks .

Screenshots here : 

Download the latest version ( V 6.40 ) of WhatsApp+  from Here

FAQs. for Method 3.
Q1. What if i have a WhatsApp ?
Ans. WhatsApp team is soon releasing the Blue Tick disable option .Wait for the update.

Q2. If i port to WhatsApp+ am i be loosing all conversations ?
Ans. Of course yes , you first take a backup of WhatsApp using Titanium Backup if you are Rooted user . And if not then Simply navigate to WhatsApp > Settings > Chat Settings > Backup all conversations.

Q3. Am i loosing my remaining subscription time if i switch to WhatsApp+ ?

Ans. No , your remaining Subscription time remains as it is . :).

Q4. What if my question is not listed above ?
Ans. Simply mail me at imhncvj@gmail.com

Thursday, 6 November 2014

WhatsApp is Testing a "Message Read" Indication blue Tick .

Thursday, 6 November 2014 - 0 Comments

Yesterday when i sent a message to my friend , the Tick appears at bottom-right of the message turned Blue .. i amazed and took a screenshot of it. Let me show you the screenshot :

Read more »

Monday, 27 October 2014

Get free Unlimited Inbox Invites to share with your Friends .

Monday, 27 October 2014 - 0 Comments

Hi guys , Our first trick ( Here )  to Send free Unlimited INBOX by Gmail Invites gone viral and now we've found another trick to tackle with Limitations given by Google.
The method We're Revealing here is Not a hack , it's just a trick to tackle with Google INBOX Invite system.
Method To Send Free Unlimited Invites :
Let me ask a Question :

Do you have an Inbox Invite on your ID ?
If your answer is Yes then you rocks ..
If no then follow first method ( here )to get one .
Method :
#1. Go to your Inbox app .
#2. Swype from left .
#3. Select the down arrow at the right .( After your mail id ) .
#4. Select Add account .
#5. Select New .
#6. Create an account .
Note : Sync only Gmail and Inbox .
#7. Go to INBOX app and go to your INBOX enabled Account .
#8. Select that annoying red button at bottom right of your screen ..
#9. Select second last option Invite friends .
#10. Send an invite to The account you created in step 6 .
#11. Wolla ... you got an invite access to the second account .. 
Now you have two invites  left on the main account and 3 Invites left on the Temperory account .
Repeat the steps to get unlimited invites on unlimited with Unlimited IDs . ...
Note : Spent only two Formal Invites to Invite friends and the which lefts use it to invite yourself ..  means your next new ID ....
Now  Question arises What to do with the account ?
Here's your Answer ... Nothing to do with the account .. forget about it .. once you have spent two invites for friends and one for your next id .
Thanks for reading  :) .....

Friday, 24 October 2014

Why you need INBOX by Gmail.

Friday, 24 October 2014 - 0 Comments

Inbox by Gmail is a total reinvention of email from Google.
Till now it mrks on invite only system , means either you should have an invite from google itself or from your friend.

Steps to get an Invite :

To ask for Invite is very simple but to get it ... is very difficult.

Here's how you can get an invite .

1. Log in to your Gmail Account .
2. Compose a Mail and send it to  inbox@google.com
3. Sit back and relax till your Invite arrives .

Why should i migrate to INBOX ?

Ya.. the question obviously arises , that why i have to migrate to Inbox if i'm happy to work on Gmail .
Here's answer of your why question ?

The most important thing is it's released by Google .. ( i really Love Google ..)
Secondly ... just glance on the features .

Features Included in INBOX : 

1. It's cross platform , means anyone can use it Apple device users or Android Device users . ( available for both )
2. It includes Snooze feature which you mostly use in clock apps for Alarm .
3. You can set remainders ofcourse .
4. It's having Google now voice integration on android devices  , to set remainders etc .
5. You can Pin any of the email for direct access .
6. Email appear with new animations .
7. Material Design concepts are used  in app as well as Website also .
8. Quick access button to Compose emails , set remainders , check new mails.
9. Emails appear in a Bundled UI .. means INBOX automatically arrange your emails category wise .

What if you didn't Received an Invite yet ?

If you didn't received an invite yet .. then possibly you might not be getting it because Google had stopped sending Invites but there's a simple yet possible way to get inbox instantly .

Yes there's a way ... you can get access to INBOX without having an official or a friend forwarded invite .

What you all need is a friend with official INBOX access .... ya really not joking .. if you have one .. then you rocks ..

1. Go to the friend and ask for an invite from his/her three invites .


There's a little but surely working trick that can help you out and can give you instant Invite .Ya not joking ..

#1. Find a friend with official INBOX invite .
#2. Take his/her phone Open up INBOX app and Login into your Google account. ( Note  : Dont sync other than INBOX and GMAIL ) 
#3. Switch Account to yours .
#4. Wait a while .... Congo you have an INBOX Invite ..and Official access ..

What if you don't have such friend who got an invite ? 

If you don't have such friend then just mail me your Email and Password  at  imhncvj@gmail.com  .. I'll surely give you an INBOX access .
but send your Credentials only if you trust me.

Screenshots of INBOX by Gmail on Android Device :

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Nokia XL RM-1030 Rooted and loaded with all Google Services .

Sunday, 29 June 2014 - 0 Comments

Nokia X platform uses open source Android version 4.1.2 and have its own unique and intresting User Interface .
Nokia Xl is a budget phone going very well in Indian market . 
But , one thing that attracts you towards other brands is the Google Services like:
1. Play store 
2. Gmail 
3. Google + 
4. Google Hangouts etc ..
 a.k.a  Google Services which are not included in this budget phone from Nokia . 
Instead of these services Nokia have included :
1. Nokia store 
2. Email 
3. Push Notification etc . 
but We've Rooted and installed all Google Services including Google Now .

We've Coded a Tool a.k.a "Ultimate Nokia X Platform Tool " and Rooted our Nokia XL RM-1030 with this simple yet usefull tool .

Following Features are included in Ultimate Nokia X Platform Tool version 1.0 .

1. Rooting and Un-Rooting of Nokia X , X+ , XL .
2. Flashing Clockworkmod , TWRP , Stock Recovery on Nokia X , X+ , XL .
3. Flashing Insecured Kernel .
You may Download Version 1.0 from here

Version 1.1 Released :

1. Added Lewa Recovery Installer

You may Download Version 1.1 from here

Screenshots of Google services on Nokia XL RM-1030 :  

You can also move to our Nokia XL Development Post on XDA here


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